My English

This is a little story about my progress.

I like to learn.

I want to learn something new and interesting every day.

I did not tell anyone that I started to learn English.

First you need to do, and then talk.

I did not speak, because I did not know.

I did not know, what do I have next.

It was scary that I can not.

But now everything is good.

Now I have the confidence.

English is now not a nightmare, but the opportunity to learn even more new.

I finished the second stage of English.

Now I can talk.

I can tell you about my family, about the weather, about the house, about work.

I can tell you about my pets, dogs and snail Uliana.

I can ask about you, your preferences and not only.

I can talk with the waiter and order the food in the restaurant.

I can ask something.

I can correctly make a purchase in a store or buy a dress of the right size.

Now I do not need to help every time, when I travel.

I read and understand a lot.

I watch a movie and understand almost everything.

I even sometimes find mistakes in the conversation.

Now I’m not afraid of English.

I did not really like the firm, that offered it.

But I liked my teacher.

Thanks to Alena for the wonderful evening with English.

I’m happy.

А якщо ви знайдете тут помилки, а я впевнена, що вони є, то і нехай.

Але, як підкажете, що не так і як треба, то буду вдячна.

Не робить помилок той, хто нічого не робить.

А я просто ще вчусь 🙂

І мені дуже потрібна мовна практика 🙂